Ahoy teams and landlubbers

Hi Everyone, Past and Present Teams and interested People, 

We have lots of news for everyone, first of all we still have spaces available in the competition, if you haven't signed up yet, please sign up soon! Because of the overwhelming approval of the new "Mystery Material" from last year's teams, we are again adding a "Mystery Material" that will be incorporated in to your boats, with an award for the most "Creative Use of the Mystery Material"

Also if you want to enter a "Youth Team", (2 adults and 2 under age 18 team members), we may have sponsors for your teams which means we can waive the entry fee and we hope to again have a youth division again this year, contact me about this right away so I can find sponsors for you.

Next we have an all new website for the Fisherman's Festival (FF), a few great things about the new website is now you can buy tickets to the festival online, of course team members don't need to pay admission but friends and family can easily buy tickets now:

New FF website:



Wooden Boat Challenge (WBC) website on the Fish Fest site as well:




WBC flyer that can be printed and posted:



Remember, Sunday of the Fisherman's Festival there is a new event, the "Bathtub Races"

check out the website for this event, your handmade boats from the WBC will be eligible for this competition too, at $25.00, 50% off the entry fee. 


Bathtub Race webpage:



Email me for information and please pass the word about the Wooden Boat Challenge, The Fish fest and the Bathtub Races!


Starr Swindt

WBC Team Coordinator and Chair