Ship's Log

Video of 2016 Event by Team Credo

New opportunities for schools

A great group of youth-oriented volunteers has coalesced around this year's Wooden Boat Challenge. This is creating interesting opportunities for schools. 

Ahoy teams and landlubbers

Hi Everyone, Past and Present Teams and interested People, 

We have lots of news for everyone, first of all we still have spaces available in the competition, if you haven't signed up yet, please sign up soon! Because of the overwhelming approval of the new "Mystery Material" from last year's teams, we are again adding a "Mystery Material" that will be incorporated in to your boats, with an award for the most "Creative Use of the Mystery Material"

Update for 2014 Wooden Boat Challenge Competitors

Dear 2014 WBC Competitors,

We hope you are all well! Thank you for joining in on the fun again last April; it was another amazing event!  We had so many high points, incredible ingenuity, amazing young people joining with the Spaulding Youth Apprentice Teams, a People’s Choice Award, tie breaking “dance off” And an incredible 4 year in a row 1st Place winners, Team Dog Slobber the team to beat in 2015, and so many more fun and exciting boats and teams!  We are truly thankful to all of our teams, for without our TEAMS, there would be no WBC!!

The 2015 Bodega Bay Fisherman’s Festival will be held on April 11 and 12.  So of course the 2015 WBC will be held Sat. April 11 and The 2nd Annual Bathtub Races (BTR) will be held on Sunday, April 12, you may want to consider entering your boats for the Bath Tub Races, on Sunday of the festival since you will already have a hand-made boat, Bathtub Race rules and event Information will be found here:  (2015 updates are not totally complete on the website but will be soon) if you enter for Saturday's Wooden Boat Challenge and Sunday’s Bathtub Races as well, then the entry for the Bathtub Races will be reduced to $25.

Team Naughty-less